the seventies

Another flaw is the introduction of March's thirteen year old daughter Holly (Angourie Rice) into the mix. The fact she is
In the 1970s, Bob Newhart found himself literally in the middle of a revolution. He did not look the type. In his "button-down" appearance and deadpan delivery and demeanor, he resembled what he was before he embarked on his standup comedy career; an accountant.
Nostalgia is not history. Like any effort to cram a decade's worth of noteworthy events into eight hour-long segments, CNN's The Seventies, is as remarkable for what it neglects as what it remembers. It's first hour, "Television Gets Real" is a good example.
What makes the fifties be so damn grievously discombobulating? Here are just a few possible discombobulating factors:
We were on the same side on this one. We lived through the '70s and '80s and '90s as committed to each other as any married couple. No lawyer was going to use outdated twisted laws to take away our 31 years.
But the transformative power of books entailed a considerable commitment of time while songs delivered a speedy shot of mutation
Some might say we gave up and dropped out, but it was more than that. We chose, rather, to try to change the world by example rather than by protest or force, so off we went to test our theories and beliefs.
Whenever I see a really big afro in bustling NYC, I get the feeling it's winking at me, saying, "Remember me?" When an afro sighting is followed up by a throwback cigarette or e-cigarette advertisement on a bus shelter I don't smile, for a moment i get genuinely confused what era it is.
Capturing a period when innocence was under assault on all fronts, director Julia Dyer (Late Bloomers), shooting from a script by her sister Gretchen, tells a tale old and young facing uncertain futures, not all of them with a suitable measure of grace.