The Sleep Revolution

As he hangs up his tricorn hat and steps down from the hit Broadway show 'Hamilton', the show's star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses how he kept up the energy to play the Founding Father for 18 months.
It may sound silly to you -- but hey, different strokes for different folks. We all need a wake up call now and then, and damn am I glad that I woke up to the importance of sleep.
"Drunk drivers have slowed responses. Sleepy drivers have no responses."
After reading The Sleep Revolution, I bet you'll find yourself trying to prioritize your sleep, using her tips as well as
In my experience, sleep has allowed me to let go of negative emotions and more quickly recall test material, which means less wasted time tiredly staring at a textbook.
Arianna Huffington sits down with DonorsChoose CEO Charles Best to discuss why making sure young people get enough sleep is key to their health and success