As he hangs up his tricorn hat and steps down from the hit Broadway show 'Hamilton', the show's star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses how he kept up the energy to play the Founding Father for 18 months.
It may sound silly to you -- but hey, different strokes for different folks. We all need a wake up call now and then, and damn am I glad that I woke up to the importance of sleep.
As life wore on, I was compelled to thrive on less sleep than I desired. Professionally, I started sleeping less than 5 hours
"Drunk drivers have slowed responses. Sleepy drivers have no responses."
After reading The Sleep Revolution, I bet you'll find yourself trying to prioritize your sleep, using her tips as well as
In my experience, sleep has allowed me to let go of negative emotions and more quickly recall test material, which means less wasted time tiredly staring at a textbook.
Arianna Huffington sits down with DonorsChoose CEO Charles Best to discuss why making sure young people get enough sleep is key to their health and success
Recently The New York Times had a terrific article in the Sunday Style section about Monotasking. Yes, that is actually a thing. The antithesis of multi-tasking -- monotasking -- in case it has been so long that you actually need a definition -- is doing only one thing at a time. Radical -- I know.
Sleep loss is taking a toll on our physical and emotional health. From the aspect of sleep environment, we are concerned
Getting enough sleep becomes a responsibility -- not merely a choice -- and parents should instill the importance of sleep in children at a very young age. Adults need to set an example for their children by unplugging from electronics at least an hour before bedtime, and keeping regular sleep schedules that nourish their minds and bodies.
Now, if only this practice of baths and adequate sleep would go viral, spreading relaxation, reason, and calm throughout the land....
However, a zoned HVAC upgrade costs at least a few thousand dollars. According to Erdmann, most systems cost between $2,000
Listen to your body "It's all about your personal preferences, in order to determine what's right," May says. "It's whatever