The Smurfs

"The villain in the next Lego movie is just a pissed off mom with a giant DustBuster."
Meanwhile, the Anne Hathaway-led indie "Colossal" clocked a respectable four-theater showing.
Smurfette was erased amid fears the image “might incite the feelings of the city’s residents.”
"We thought this summit would be more fruitful," one scientist said. "We still haven't ascertained what stunted their growth
As a coach, I'm most interested, and inspired, by my clients who use the tools they currently have -- their talent, networks, social media -- to create the opportunities their talents require.
When it came time to find just the right voice for Papa Smurf, Raja Gosnell and Jordan Kerner were admittedly feeling a little blue. Why for? Because the casting department at Sony Pictures Animation kept coming up short.
Mind you, Franck wasn't willing to settle for the sort of half-hearted hand-drawn animation that you used to see on Saturday morning television back in the late 1970s / early 1980s. He wanted to do something richer, far more highly detailed.
How does the cinematic masterpiece of the year, "Smurfs 2," weigh in with the children meant to sit through it? Not well
"What are these things called again? Murfs? Snorks?" "Let's pretend this is a thing we want to do." "This is the exact moment
To make "Arthur Christmas" the must-see family film of the holiday season, Aardman Animations has a secret weapon. They've loaded up Santa's support staff with celebrities.
My involvement in Smurfland is limited to checking in now and then to make sure, when my kids are in school, that the plants get watered and don't die. 'Til I heard the question, "Mom, can I buy Smurfette?"