The Social Network

Actor Josh Pence worked his face off opposite Armie Hammer, you just didn't see it.
The groups in the “#StopHateforProfit" campaign say the social network isn’t doing enough to curtail racist and violent content on its platform.
The social network will soon be letting users know if they liked, reacted to, or commented on posts with harmful misinformation about COVID-19.
In a furious open letter, the "Social Network" writer slammed Facebook's CEO for his hands-off approach to political advertising.
The influence campaigns were taken down ahead of the midterm elections .
Imagine, you're a Harvard Sophomore. Each day, you open your door to see one of two things. 1. An envelope with your name, a wax seal, and an invitation to an exclusive final club event or 2. Nothing at all.
I understand creative license and why films need to condense, simplify, fudge, and invent to create drama, but is there a point where this can be considered excessively dishonest?
No one is perfect, and Jobs certainly knocked heads with many in his career, but if his story of redemption is not told accurately, then the film will serve no purpose other than pandering to the idea of a good dramatic film.