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Fans are anxiously anticipating how “Game of Thrones” will end. Many notable shows have struggled to deliver a satisfying ending, while others have surpassed expectations.
The prequel will feature the actor as a young Tony in a film written by the HBO series creator.
Artist Barry Blitt was inspired by fictional mobster Tony Soprano fleeing through the woods of New Jersey.
The actor's rep confirmed reports of Vincent's death.
"How many times had we done funeral scenes, as a cast?"
Television continues to look to the novel for future inspiration. Fifty years from now, might there be a new "golden era" of television stuff being beamed directly into your brain, and if so, will there still be novels to influence it?
In the finale of a heretofore brilliant series, we watched as our heroine stumbled off post-slap, tugging at her designer suit, her always perfect hair ever-so-mussed; eyes teary, men gone, mentor betrayed, children confused, career on the precipice, and we, like Peggy Lee, could only ponder: "Is that all there is?"
Well, I have taken many "breaks" to deal with it. Not necessarily because of anything physical, but more emotional. There are times when this disease has really made me question my self worth, my purpose, my talent.. because now I had limitations I never had to deal with before, and it really would take its toll.
If you've ever admitted you didn't want to think about what goes into the sausage, maybe you also don't want to know all the ingredients behind the music that came out of 1970s New York.
Lessons Learned When I was still in the Young Artist Program, so many people from the program told me that everything had
"This disease can absolutely take over your life if you let it."
Every picture tells a story, but sometimes the story waits a long time to be told. Thirty years, in the case of this long-lost photograph.
Tools to Use The Grey’s Anatomy pilot: Act Three The real difference between feature writing and television writing is how
Jamie-Lynn Sigler tells HuffPost Live of the lesson her onscreen father, James Gandolfini, taught her during their time acting