The Sound of Silence

The legendary “The Sound of Silence” singer-songwriter told fans their cheers “mean more than you know.”
When the college students go off to school the dynamics in the household will obviously change, but the sounds of the family change as well.
"J.F.K.: Reckless Youth," starring Patrick Dempsey (1993) Based on the best-selling biography of the same name, "J.F.K.: Reckless
When you hear Charedi rabbi brothers, Aryeh and Gil Gat, perform "The Sound of Silence," you might feel as though you are
Check out the video above for highlights from Marsalis' interview with Simon, plus footage of some of Simon's earlier performances
My knees crack when I get up out of a chair or when I'm walking too slow or too fast or especially when I'm running 25 miles a day. That's a lie. I don't run to the mailbox and back.