The Spirit of Christmas

First lady Melania Trump’s White House decor is being compared to a scene in “The Shining.”
Rediscovering holiday spirit through low-budget seasonal entertainment is, well, it's OK.
The "War on Christmas" agitation is quite contrary to the spirit of Christmas that I learned as a child and still hold dear. In The Nurture Effect I write about how we can build caring relationships with others and how fundamental doing so is to evolving a more nurturing society.
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Harkening back to the heart of Christmas in 1869, time spent with loved ones was the treasured centerpiece. This year, I hope to rejoice in the essence of a season that celebrates and strengthens our family ties alongside the humanity we can so easily extend to one another.
From Reuters: Dennis Stevenson had a ton of stuff he didn't need. So, for last Christmas, he opened the doors to his home
I have to confess, I feel a kind of relief. We don't have to worry about keeping up with the Jones', because the Jones' are doing just as bad as we are.