the stranger

Author and artist Jacques Ferrandez talks about Algeria and the controversial first sentence of "The Stranger."
Truly great thinkers introduce a human dimension into what is generally thought to be a political condition. Once you introduce
By contributing writer Mustafa Khan for KidSpirit's issue on The Stranger. Discriminating against the poor seems unjust. They
In just two words of five syllables, medieval man brewed a bitter antidote to all from melancholy and regret to hubris and ostentation: memento mori.
Perhaps the novel has maintained its hold on our imaginations because it's fundamentally about empathy or the loss thereof--a phenomenon that allows for what Clausewitz termed "the continuation of politics by other means," a state we know only too well, as war.
The Zeitgeist is like a person who walks into a room and feels totally at home. "Zeit" in German is time and "Geist" is spirit. So the words literally means "spirit of the time."
This past week, at the Seattle Interactive Conference, I sat down with Tim Keck, the co-founder of The Onion. Tim and I spoke about transparency from both a creative and editorial standpoint -- and what has made The Onion so successful all these years.
The abrupt closing last week of the 47-year-old Boston Phoenix was a shock to the alternative weekly ecosystem. It also underscored the divide between struggling big city papers and more viable smaller-market ones.
Once you start looking at artists who behaved badly and disqualifying them for it, it becomes clear how many brilliant minds
You'd be lying if you were to say that never in your life did you feel like an outcast. Whether only for a few moments or
Ever read a classic and asked yourself, "What’s the big deal?" There are thousands of books the world considers classics
This weekend's tragedy brought renewed attention to Palin's map, which was controversial enough at the time of its release
Lin isn't the richest or most famous living American human, but you could argue--I would argue--that he is one of the most
"The message" was quite simple on Black Friday: Buy More Stuff. That's all the signs say, and that's all we told curious bystanders that we were there to encourage.
Although her title is an eyebrow-raiser, Elizabeth Hawes knows what she's doing. With Camus, a Romance, her new and unconventional work, she isn't simply writing a biography.
The writer who was suspended by the New Republic for blogging under an alias to praise his own blog posts is now an expert on what's wrong with the internet.