The Supremes

The Motown legend, who died Tuesday at age 76, wore many (fashionable) hats over the years.
“‘The Supremes’ will live on, in our hearts,” the music icon wrote.
The group scored 12 no. 1 hits with songs like "Baby Love" and "Stop! In the Name of Love," and still remains influential decades later.
She was part of the Motown group from 1960-62, replacing original member Betty McGlown.
The 9-year-old ate up the spotlight while introducing his legendary grandma.
When Florence Ballard died on Feb. 22, 1976 She left behind three daughters and an impeccable legacy in music. Considered "one of rock's greatest tragedies", her death also meant the end to a woman trying to piece her dreams back together to sing another day.
Republicans have shown enormous respect for the Constitution of the United States of America and their hero Associate Justice Antonin Scalia by instantly using his death to demand that President Obama ignore the Constitution for the next 340 DAYS.
Translating lyrics can be a noble calling. It's simply not what Carl did. When writing a lyric -- whether or not there was an already existing foreign-language one -- he focused on one thing and one thing alone: creating the perfect "wedding" of words and music.