Why don't liberals just ignore Sarah Palin? Because they don't want to ignore her. They like not ignoring Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is comforting. She's familiar. She's the Tea Party cliché that reminds us why we keep voting Democrat, even though our heart's not really in it anymore.
Is there an alternative to primaries that does not return us to smoke-filled rooms where party hacks choose nominees? Here's
I can't say for sure if global warming is real, in the same way I don't know if the North Pole is cold. I've never been to the North Pole.
Out of 296 applicants, not one Tea Party organization was denied non-profit status. Admittedly, some had to wait. And that's what the major charges boil down to: the IRS making things difficult. Imagine that. An inconvenient interaction with the government.
That's the question that was posed at a Feb. 21 CNN panel moderated by anchor Carol Costello and composed of journalists
On November 6th we have to not only come out to vote but we must pour forth in a deluge of biblical proportions. We must speak loud and clear, we must roar and we must claim our due. We must tell the world, the GOP, the Tea Party, that this is our country too.
But other securities experts say failure-to-supervise cases are important to pursue due to the reputational impact they have
Click here to watch on YouTube But Jimmy Kimmel knows exactly how the Tea Party can charm generation Y: A sick dance party
"First, they said human beings shared genes with monkeys," said Perry to a restive audience of more than 400 teenagers. "Then it was dogs, then rats, then bugs. But apparently, that's no longer demeaning enough."
We can live in a society in which there is a social contract and a sense of sacrifice for the common good, or we can live in a society in which radical individualism has replaced the social contract.
As the debt ceiling clock ticks down, we will soon find out if we are a people possessed by selfish personal desire or a people who promote the public good. In what kind of society do you want your children to live?
Michele Bachmann and her religious allies may have deemed themselves the country's true patriots, but millions of religion-free Americans will honor their country this Fourth of July with dignity, respect, and goodness.
• Republicantism is committed to public funding of private presses to print pink slips for all publicly employed firefighters
The Mississippi Secretary of State has announced that enough signatures have been collected to put voter ID on the ballot in 2011. Voters will get the chance to narrow the franchise once again.
More than any other unsuccessful candidate for vice-president of the United States, Sarah Palin has established herself as a potent force in America politics. With America By Heart, she is casting herself, once again, as the spokesperson of the "real people" in our country.
Lost in the debate about the morality of the Tea Party is any discussion about its underpinnings in human nature. The Tea Party is far from perfect, but in emphasizing self-reliance, it taps into the human desire to live a life with self-esteem.
Last night on "The Colbert Report," Colbert kicked off his "Tip Of The Hat/Wag Of The Finger" segment with a tip of his hat
The Tea Party victories in the Republican primaries won't provide an electoral boost to the Democrats in the midterms -- but there are a couple of ways in which the Tea Party could help the progressive cause.
The Tea Party movement is the latest installment in an old American tradition: the exploitation of mostly frustrated, desperate, and susceptible people by monied interests and profiteers.
Why does Bush get a pass from the Cult of Curmudgeon while his successor gets hung in effigy?