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The Telegraph admitted that the first lady was “a successful professional model in her own right before she met her husband," among other corrections.
Officials dropped the fine and issued an apology after news of the incident went viral.
The UK's The Telegraph was shocked that Prince Phillip would possibly leave his home with a hearing aid in October 2014: "Hear
Mystery and intrigue may be synonymous with the city of Venice, but the latest imbroglio between politicians and preservationists there seems a little more ham-handed.
One can't blame journalists in Egypt for being confused about what they can (and can't) cover and what language to use in their reports, given the widening chasm between authorities and countless news organizations.
Titled "Father's Days: the animated memoir of a first-time dad," the video shows Moran trying to become the father figure
Radhika Sanghani spends most of her life writing in London. Besides working on a sequel to her bestseller, Virgin, she works about 50 hours per week as a journalist, as she is one of the Wonder Women columnists for The Telegraph.
Pheromones are chemical secretions believed to be used mostly by ants and by singles as a way to find each other. In humans, pheromones are secreted by sweat and body fluids, generally released in a singles bar setting. Ants, on the other hand, mostly confine themselves to pantries.
Malaika Firth is one of the few black models that have experienced soaring success in fashion -- an industry that is notorious
Ruth Sherlock reports for the Telegraph on Syria's child refugees living unprotected in Beirut.
Cudworth shared his personal photos of the spacecraft and the images his camera took from space with The Huffington Post
There are many ways to mother, just as there are ways to find fault with women who are not mothers.