the temptations

The 49-year-old musician died at his home in Las Vegas.
The Tony-nominated actor gives a rich performance in the Broadway musical as The Temptations' Otis Williams, the only surviving original member of the group.
Edwards sang lead on hits like "Cloud Nine" and "Ball Of Confusion."
Mace Williams grew up during the golden age of of Motown in Detroit, and wants people to know about its impact on the Motor City.
"We were lucky to interview people who could express that period well by just dealing with the sheer facts," Adam says. Such
She had a choice: marriage or singing.
Translating lyrics can be a noble calling. It's simply not what Carl did. When writing a lyric -- whether or not there was an already existing foreign-language one -- he focused on one thing and one thing alone: creating the perfect "wedding" of words and music.
Living with MS, a progressive illness, has forced me to accept sudden changes in life that are not always easy or pleasant to deal with. Accepting and loving myself -- overcoming fear, embarrassment and self-consciousness -- was a significant milestone for me.
That's what BB King's friends call him: B. And in one of those smack-me-is-this-real experiences over the course of 35 crazy years in the advertising business, I got to be friends with B. Ok, friends with business, to turn a phrase.
No "high sticking" from this talented musician, each Q&A is fun and as pleasant as a summer breeze.