The Terminator

The "Terminator" star opened up about her personal life and her decision to return to the action franchise nearly 30 years later.
After his controversial "Wonder Woman" comments, the director praised Linda Hamilton, 60, as a "seasoned warrior."
"We can’t sit back and just do nothing while people are getting sick and dying."
There are so many questions we don't seem to be asking right now about the arrival of these potentially intelligent machines. And that is the genius of Alex Garland's film Ex Machina, a must-see that is one of the best, smartest, and most elegant films about artificial intelligence ever made.
There are some movies or shows that are just good and don't need to be redone. Imagine if painters were like, "I want to unveil The Mona Lisa: Reboot." People would be confused. Then again, Transformers 3 made a crap ton of money, so I may just be in the minority.
Time travel is a tricky thing. It's a go-to plot device for movies that want to throw anachronistic conceits into a story
Arnold Schwarzenegger announces his return for Terminator 5... Minions run amok in Despicable Me 2... Supernatural drama coming in Mary Loss of Soul...
Born at the dawn of the Reagan era, Millennials were the first generation to be fully subjected to the all-out assault of the idea that we take care of each other in this country. Some of us are the parents of Millenials, and we wonder: who will fight with them, and for them?
The former Governator also reminded us he is "very happy" to reprise two more of his roles in the upcoming sequels to "Conan
We're happy to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are still cordial, as the former couple had Easter brunch together
Now that his first comeback movie has seriously bombed, what's next for Arnold Schwarzenegger?
If you're still clinging to a VCR to re-watch your beloved VHS collection of sci-fi '80s flicks too terrible to be released on DVD, you're going to love Manborg.