The Terminator

The "Terminator" star is recovering after getting a pacemaker and couldn't help but compare his new ticker to the robotic one from his most famous franchise.
Schwarzenegger spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about the Hollywood strikes and how he almost mangled one of his most iconic lines.
The “Terminator” director said he’s more concerned AI will cause a nuclear disaster than write “a good story.”
The actor discussed societal fears over artificial intelligence as he reflected on his starring role in the 1984 classic.
The film icon admitted he wanted to go in a slightly different direction with this one.
Boen played scores of roles on TV and in film, but he's likely best known as the criminal psychologist in the "Terminator" movies.
One of them was from "The Terminator," the other from a lesser-appreciated entry in Schwarzenegger's film catalog.
The actor recalled an on-set clash with the director while making the first film in the "Terminator" franchise.
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