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Model Chrissy Teigen got starstruck while speaking to Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards.
Hillary Clinton explained why she let a 2008 campaign adviser keep his job despite allegations of sexual harassment.
Jimmy Fallon delivered an emotional, politicized monologue on “The Tonight Show” in the wake of the hateful violence in Charlottesville, VA.
The "Tonight Show" host delivered an emotional, politicized monologue in the wake of the hateful violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Rebel Wilson stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday to promote "Pitch Perfect 2," and after her interview, she and Jimmy
"Culottes, or jorts," Higgins said. "Whatever you want to call them." "Thank you, the Hulk," Fallon said in his weekly "Thank
Jimmy Fallon has added George R.R. Martin to his list of things to be thankful for. In his "Thank You Notes" segment Friday
Frankincense and myrrh? Even the three wisemen failed Christmas. You know, for being the "most wonderful time of the year
Well, this was an adorable throwback. On Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon and guest Carol Burnett showed "clips" from their '90s soap
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Sometimes celebrity tweets don't make a lot of sense until you find out they were just replying to someone. For instance
When a soon-to-be freshman wrote in to ask Jimmy Fallon for college advice on the Sept. 10 episode of "The Tonight Show," the
Starting a new fantasy football season can be a daunting proposition. It's time-consuming, distracting and often frustrating
Taylor Swift really wants to be on Jimmy Fallon's "Ew!" -- you know, the "Tonight Show" skit where Fallon plays an obnoxious
On Thursday's "Tonight Show," Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith faced off in the most epic drum battle
Jimmy Fallon wants you to tell all of these books to "bead it." In his latest edition of the "Do Not Read List" on Monday
If you thought "Game of Thrones" was powerful and dramatic before, you know nothing, Jon Snow. This week during a "Suggestion
Talk about an epic blast from the past. On "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Fallon took one fan's suggestion for
Perhaps President Obama and Vladimir Putin have been going about this "foreign relations" thing all wrong. Maybe it's time