the trevor project

“If you’re going to talk about trans kids, it might be useful to actually listen to trans kids,” the “Harry Potter” star said after hosting a Trevor Project roundtable.
The Trevor Project's "Learn with Love" features a reunion between a conservative Texas man and his grandchild, who is trans, after more than five years.
HuffPost previously revealed that Amit Paley was part of a McKinsey consulting team for notorious OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma.
Amit Paley, CEO of The Trevor Project, was part of a team advising Purdue Pharma on how to boost sales of opioids during his time at McKinsey & Co., according to a trove of documents reviewed by HuffPost.
The Trevor Project is celebrating the Grammy winner for his mental health advocacy and advocacy and "unapologetic celebration of his queer identity."
Many state legislatures are considering measures that would target transgender youth — and protect so-called conversion therapy.
“Transgender women are women,” the Harry Potter actor wrote.
The culture may have shifted on gay rights, but sky-high suicide rates remain.
When the rule is finalized, people struggling with suicidal thoughts will be able to get help by dialing 988.
"Full Frontal" is fighting back against the presidential son's "Trigger A Lib" campaign.