the trial

A good 30 years after his death, the genius that was, is and always will be Orson Welles is finally enjoying the recognition he deserves.
The story of The Double is a parable of how people can get caught up in the hamster wheel of modern existence -- cowed by authority, hierarchy, and external standards of worth into trying to please everyone around them, while not pleasing the most important person they have to live with: themselves.
What's the difference between your average Joe and Joseph K, the anti-hero of Kafka's famous The Trial. Not much it turns out and that plainly was Kafka's point.
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Anyone born in Prague later in the 20th century would also understand Kafka and The Trial all too well. Consider, for instance, the Slansky show trial that took place in Prague in 1952.
Justice James Robertson, who served on the FISC from 2002 to 2005, has strongly condemned the power of the Court, claiming
The second Rubens I'd like to share is his Daniel in the Lions' Den, housed at the National Gallery in DC, where I have been
The average delay at FKIA is 31 hours longer than the next-worst airport. Watch the full, oppressive report below. Prague's
Who does Kafka belong to? The court case in Israel over the past two years will eventually decide the proper ownership of certain manuscripts of Kafka's.