The Trump Organization

The actor expressed his support for fans who want Trump's seven seconds of screen time scrapped from future broadcasts of the holiday comedy.
The Trump Organization profits around $17 million a year from two ice rinks and a carousel it runs in Central Park and a golf course in the Bronx.
"'Cancel culture' is also known as 'consequences,'" one critic hit back at President Donald Trump's son.
Red ink continues to flow at the unprofitable resorts amid puzzling Trump Organization plans for a $185 million expansion.
“The notion of being a loser is something that he couldn’t possibly conceive or believe," said Barbara Res.
The report would seem to undercut the GOP’s efforts to smear Hunter Biden for his links to business deals in China.
“Bigotry and bias control Donald’s view of the world,” writes Barbara Res, who worked with the president for 18 years.
"The more it is unraveled, the more he will unravel," Trump’s former personal attorney said.
Nick Akerman says there's only one thing protecting the president from indictment at the moment.
The bombshell report detailed the president’s large debt and his increased reliance on controversial businesses he’s refused to divest.