The Trust for Public Land

This attempt to roll back protections for national monuments is unprecedented and terribly misguided.
The message sent by the proposed budget cuts is clear and simple.
How do we know? On Election Day, in a great demonstration of bi-partisan support, voters across America approved 69 funding
Our national parks, forests and wildlife refuges are the pride of our nation. They support millions of jobs and keep our
Revised General Plan for Jackson Park, 1895. Image courtesy The Cultural Landscape Foundation. We should use the fate of
One of the most exciting, and without question popular, is the work along Chicago's riverfront by Gina Ford at Sasaki Associates
Colorado is taking a step in the right direction and, in Washington, D.C., Congress should follow that lead and provide the tools needed to protect many of the special places Americans will be visiting this summer.
Rather than proposing to sell off wildlife refuges for short-term gains, our leaders and legislators at all levels should be thinking about how to protect them for the long term, so our children and grandchildren can visit them.
Although the armed seizure of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has ended with the arrest of the militants in Oregon, critics of the public lands we all own together have not ended their efforts.
At a time when a handful of protestors in the West want to give federal lands back to the states, Oscar season is worth celebrating the hundreds of movies that could never have been made on anything but the federal land all of us own together.