The Twilight Saga

But a lot has changed since the days of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: 3. Kristen Stewart cut her hair. Yes, of course KStew
"#twilightforeverph hangin out with my Cullen kids. First Rt gets a box set DVD," said Facinelli. Nikki Reed, aka Rosalie
The petrochemical lobby has the bucks, the high-priced ad agencies, lawyers, and legislators in their pockets. We have the truth and our creativity.
RiffTrax is a site created by the people behind Mystery Science Theater 3000. For the full list, head over to RiffTrax. "Twilight
After a YEAR of wild anticipation, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is finally in theaters, and Twi-hards can get their ultimate fix
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, is still the kind of moody, formless slog we've been through before, only slightly energized by a long-delayed bit of action.
Oh sure we may see spin-offs, reboots (probably in a different medium) and/or quasi-sequels in some form or another, but the five-part Edward/Bella saga will come to its apparent climax.
Stephenie Meyer wowed on the black carpet last night (Nov. 12) at the Los Angeles premiere of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," showing
When "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hits theaters at midnight on November 16, it will be the end of an era. While
Earlier this week, Robert Pattinson described it as both "odd" and "sweet." Kellan Lutz encouraged fans to "stay for the