the unknown known

Watching documentaries probably means you are very smart. Please binge-watch accordingly.
I have followed Rumsfeld's career from the '80, when I started CNN, until at least 2005, when as a guest on Fox News, I suggested that he be fired for the same reasons that Dan Rather had been fired -- he was the guy in charge when bad things were going on in his department.
But then I wake up and smell the ma nishtana. If it's plutocracy, this must be Tuesday. Nice nations finish last. The golden rule isn't "do unto others," it's "don't get caught." Hope isn't "the thing with feathers," as Emily Dickinson called it. It's the thing with denial.
The best thing about coming home is finding it better than the way you left it. After all, a festival is only as good as the town that makes it possible.
We are in the midst of a bumper crop of bio-docs: documentaries focused on single figures who have wound up on the wrong side of history and who seemingly want the chance to get their side of the story on the record.
Morris describes Rumsfeld's obsession with language as more than just a simple fascination: Donald Rumsfeld is famous for