The Velvet Underground

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But Name also, unknowingly at the time, became an even more important facet of the Warhol legacy when the artist gave Name
This week's playlist includes music by The Velvet Underground, The Jam, Hank Williams, and more.
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They call themselves The Pizza Underground. Honestly, we should have seen this coming. Why does the Pizza Underground exist
This week's playlist includes music by Middle Class Rut, Hank Williams, The Beatles, and more.
Alas, the record was hardly a commercial success. It was only in the decades after VU's breakup that the band became a cult
Lou Reed has been one of rock music's most profound innovators since bursting onto the New York club scene in the mid-'60s with his now-legendary band, The Velvet Underground. Much of Lou Reed's career has followed this path: work that was often misunderstood upon its first release, then usually hailed as a masterpiece in retrospect.
This isn't the first praise Reed has heaped on West. In June, while speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of
This week our playlist includes music by Modest Mouse, The Velvet Underground, Fitz and the Tantrums, Sleater-Kinney, Honeycut and more.
Warhol's iconic cover art for 1967's "The Velvet Underground & Nico" is at the center of a hot legal debate over who owns
"I think the culture today is very, very different from what it was in the '60s, and I feel lucky that I grew up at a time when I had these very strong female role models. They were strong women, but their power was very much connected to their creativity and their voice."
Tonight, New York cinephiles are getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience as Paul Morrissey, Warhol's in-house Factory cameramen turned indie auteur debuts his new film, News From Nowhere.
Chick Corea's new album, Forever, is a two-disc set, with the first disc being acoustic, and the second disc with a full band and guests. For the first disc, I asked him if it was a return to Return To Forever.
Combining your appreciation of different media can be tricky: You probably shouldn’t be watching a movie on your iPhone as
The following video, "Überlin," is R.E.M.'s latest offering, premiering exclusively on HuffPost.
My Morning Jacket is Americana-flavored old-school rock 'n' roll. The title Remnants is nostalgically brand new. Do play it loud.