The Velvet Underground

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“Billy’s always been a bit off the radar,” Dagon James, editor and designer of the book, told The Huffington Post. “Everyone’s
This week's playlist includes music by The Velvet Underground, The Jam, Hank Williams, and more.
photo taken at NYU Grey Gallery Films screened included many of my works along with my latest film Romantic Loner (2013), Francophrenia
"Friday" singer Rebecca Black recently stunned us with her latest viral hit, "Saturday." The title left some internet users
The band is clear to point out that they formed in February 2012, well before Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed passed
This week's playlist includes music by Middle Class Rut, Hank Williams, The Beatles, and more.
We'll leave you with one of the more praiseworthy reviews of The Velvet Underground & Nico's album, straight from the typewriter
Lou Reed has been one of rock music's most profound innovators since bursting onto the New York club scene in the mid-'60s with his now-legendary band, The Velvet Underground. Much of Lou Reed's career has followed this path: work that was often misunderstood upon its first release, then usually hailed as a masterpiece in retrospect.
Read the full "Yeezus" review for yourself here. This isn't the first praise Reed has heaped on West. In June, while speaking