The verge

“We take their ugly message and make something beautiful out of it," said Berlin-based Ibo Omari.
The same ISPs currently promising to honor the principle have already demonstrated beyond any doubt their hostility toward net neutrality.
Both the House and Senate have voted to overturn the privacy rules.
Some fear the government will use the technology to flush out dissidents.
Android Wear 2.0 refreshes Google's smartwatch offerings.
The "greening" effect has helped slow the rise of CO2 in the air -- but researchers warn it's only temporary.
We still don't have any sort of apology or retraction from the Washington Post for promoting "The List" -- the highly dangerous blacklist that got a huge boost from the newspaper's fawning coverage on November 24.
The Verge acknowledged an obvious "conflict of interest" in founding editor Chris Ziegler's moonlighting.