The Wanted

I ask this question a lot in my private coaching. Whenever I initially ask my clients what they want, most of the time silence follows. Sometimes I hear an indignant chuckle, as if they have no right to answer that question at all.
_________ About A-Sides Music As mentioned, The Vamps performed two tracks exclusively for yours truly and my A-Sides brand
Pall and Taggart came together scarcely 18 months ago, with the duo's remixes of artists from Ellie Goulding to The Wanted quickly gaining the attention of top names in the electronic dance music (EDM) world.
Kicking off the new year is an eclectic bunch of workout jams. Pharrell Williams turns up with a jaunty number for which he filmed a 24-hour long music video. The band American Authors continues a climb up the charts with a song you might know best from a Lowe's commercial.
The guys kept things pretty tame, but the notoriously flirty frontman couldn't help ogling at host Maria Menounos' backside
While The Wanted may have made fun of themselves -- and other pop icons -- in "Walks Like Rihanna" earlier this year, their
UK boy band The Wanted debuted a new song off of the upcoming album "Word of Mouth" this week. Called "Show Me Love," the
Hot off the heels of Ariana Grande's latest single, "Baby I," the budding pop star has just dropped a teaser for another
Her prize was known as Seven Minutes in Heaven. She got to spend that long with her favorite member of the band. The fan
The boys of Emblem3 had a special surprise for fans when they stopped by "Good Morning America" this week. The former "X
John Mayer, on the other hand, has suffered repeated problems with the condition. For now, though, things look promising
Max reportedly broke up with UK soap star Michelle Keegan amid rumors that he'd cheated on her. Ultimately, the 24-year-old
"My voice is just whacked, mate," Sykes says. "I got through it but it's just like, not there ... I'll be alright, I'll just
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"Statistically speaking, one probably is [gay]," Bass said about One Direction at the time. "The market is 100 percent young
Drake may have recently discovered that "Girls Love Beyonce," but UK boy band The Wanted just premiered a song about a different
It's not exactly a collaboration, but The Wanted looked to none other than Rihanna for inspiration when it came to making
This is actually the second "All Time Low" video The Wanted has released -- the dance-pop track was the debut single off