The War On Christmas

Have you ever met someone who insisted people greet them by saying “Happy Hanukkah”? Probably not.
Residents covered the town with crosses after the town Christmas tree was stripped of the symbol.
“The man you’re going to see today is just a man in a suit," he hollered at the children standing in line.
7) THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS. Man, the war on Christmas is RELENTLESS!!! Starbucks turning from the teachings of Christ with those
Here in San Francisco, where I accidentally moved 33 years ago from Anatevka (well, New York), the stores don't know Pesach
How is someone else's joy in celebrating the holiday season impeding on your life? To those of you who are currently celebrating the holiday season I say this: Wave your Christmas flag high and proud. What you're doing shouldn't matter to anyone else but you.
Jason and Katla love Christmas -- their stockings are always hung by the chimney with care, even though neither technically
And they've had enough. So this year, they have declared War On Christmas. Written by and starring Jason Linkins and Katla
But they're fighting the good fight. This year, they have declared War On Christmas. Special thanks to Nick Graham, Carol