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He played Sam Camden for years on the WB series.
A "Charmed" reboot is in the works, according to Vulture. However, the project isn't at the youth-skewing CW, Vulture reports CBS is behind the potential Power of Three reboot.
"Charmed" ran for eight seasons between 1998–2006 on The WB. The series starred Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie
"30 Rock" - Remember when people were confused thinking "30 Rock" and "Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip" were the same show
Actor and screenwriter Wentworth Miller came out as gay on Wednesday. Adam's sexuality is never bluntly stated but the way
In a recent interview with Playboy, Speedman -- now starring on ABC's "Last Resort" -- revealed that he's thought about the
In addition to Holmes' and Van Der Beek's willingness to reunite with their fellow "Dawson's Creek" alumni, Michelle Williams
With the key parties seemingly on board, could we eventually see a return to Capeside? But Van Der Beek told The Huffington
"I feel like this is the number one question that we get asked. Nobody's producing it, nobody's writing it, it's just something
The news that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have ended their five year marriage harkened HuffPost TV back to a early memory