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Unfortunately, it wasn't easy limiting this year's list to just 13 statements but here are the craziest and most offensive
Ben Frumin, Editor In Chief of The Week, joins us to discuss why the NSA spies on foreign countries.
(h/t Hari Stephen Kumar at Brofiling) Brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are the two suspects in the Boston Marathon
Attention, GOP: Your rebranding attempts are being undercut by a segment of your party getting big headlines and lots of
The Week is livestreaming its Opinion Awards from Washington, DC. Watch below: The Week Editor-at-Large Sir Harold Evans
Burry, who was trained as a medical doctor and suffers from Aspberger's syndrome, placed huge bets that the subprime market
Given the vast pension, health care and unfulfilled subscription liabilities Newsweek carries, it's likely the magazine is headed for extinction.
Goldman Sachs, poster child for the double-edge sword of mega-success, now finds that even an act of charity brings rebuke.
We're spending too much time thinking about Wilson, and not enough time discussing how absurd it is that Obama and this Democratic majority can't push through a strong public option.