The Week of Eating In

Eating well on the road is tough, but not impossible. And, it's getting easier, at least marginally so.
Some things, like cooking with and for the community, and supporting small farms going against the industrial agricultural grain, are just more important than choosing sides, eating out, or in.
On a week that brought a New York Times feature on robots that can cook ramen, I thought about writing in praise of small, low-tech kitchens -- mine.
I was in Trader Joe's frozen food aisle when I remembered the HuffPo"Week of Eating In" challenge. Did I really want to do this? I wondered. More to the point, could I?
This dish is called a rice salad, which sounds unbearably boring, but it's not. The recipe I learned to make was simply boiled Arborio rice tossed with capers, olives, herbs and a river of oil.
I just love peeking into other people's kitchens -- and now my voyeurism has a very particular angle: to see how they cope with a Week of Eating In.
Ideally, you'd bake your pizza on a pizza (or baking) stone (at 500 degrees), but if you don't have one, try baking your
Have you ever thought about growing a pizza? You may not be able to grow a plant with pizzas ready to pluck from the vines
In honor of the Week of Eating In, where we are encouraging people to cook from scratch, we decided we had to document some
In the middle of a very busy week, I really needed this down time. So I headed to the Union Square Greenmarket that morning with the goal of making lunch for a big bunch.
In these uncertain economic times we really need to look at our food costs and start to spend more wisely. Here are seven
Why all the fuss about eating in? In a culture in which roughly half the food we purchase is already fully prepared, let's take a moment to slow down.
Before you even think about picking up that spatula, make sure you have all your bases covered. To assist you in your cooking
I start to imagine my favorite ways of preparing these things, and first on my list is high heat (475-525 degrees) roasted
As The Week of Eating In hits hump day, I thought I would share an easy to prepare vegetable, one I've loved since the day
Look, Ma--no takeout!The sharper among you already know from yesterday's video that HuffPost Green is exhorting us all to
There's an amazing alchemy that happens to root vegetables (diced up and tossed with happy amounts of good olive oil) when they are very slowly sautéed in a cast iron pan.
For me, being vegan is a celebration of all life. Like most Americans, I grew up eating hamburgers, but stopped being able to justify giving a dime to anyone who caused suffering.
All photos courtesy of Kelly Rossiter Noodle dishes are also popular and you can try Emeril's Cabbage Lo Mein. This is a