The West Wing

"This Is Us" producer Ken Olin was quick to assure fans that the actor is staying on his show.
Meanwhile, the new "Will & Grace" already has a second season in the works.
The "West Wing" actress seemed less than impressed with the press secretary.
We so wish "Toby" were coming to a theater near us.
In the wake of the disaster of Donald Trump’s election to the American presidency, it’s more than a little tempting to retreat
LB: Being an actress means immersion into another state of mind, and/or a different cultural and social framework. And certainly
Q: How many hours of research go into each episode of The West Wing Weekly podcast? ... These questions originally appeared
At the end of the day, the truth is that it doesn't really matter what cause you choose, it matters that you care about it
The presidential primary season may be over and done with, but people are getting in their political fix anyway they can--even if that means byway of fictional political television shows.
If you're one of the many who don't like any presidential nominee this election cycle, don't waste your energy trying to decide whether to vote or not to vote, focus your thinking on which nominee's spouse you could tolerate in the White House.
This past Saturday marked ten years since Aaron Sorkin's seminal series The West Wing left the airwaves on NBC. Starring
Allison Janney appeared as her former "West Wing" character to raise awareness about opioid addiction.