The Women

"The Democratic party is too male, it's too pale and too stale."
Don’t let Bill O’Reilly dominate any part of our culture again.
The march just won a "Freedom of Expression Courage" award.
March leaders are calling on people to "meet us at 7th precinct... in Manhattan to show solidarity with our sisters who were arrested."
The old Bayview Correctional Facility in Manhattan is being turned into a hub for women's rights.
If you loved Love, Loss, and What I Wore, which opened off-Broadway in 2009 and is the Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron adaptation of Ilene Beckerman's book of the same title, you're likely to revel in Cheryl Stern's Shoes and Baggage, now at The Cell.
Although I attended her funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, I never knew Clare Boothe Luce in life. Through Sylvia Jukes Morris' twin works, Rage For Fame and the most recent Price of Fame, I feel I have come to know Clare in all her complexity far more intimately.
[At right, Black Swan body double Kim Prosa, ready for filming, enacts Aronofsky's vision of women] Women being defeated
I was intrigued by Symmetry Theatre's claim that fewer good roles are written for women, I found myself wondering if people might not be aware of the variety of plays that do indeed have meaty roles for female characters.
English: "The way women get these jobs is by proving their muscle at the box office. If these movies do well, then that woman gets another chance and that woman can help other women get another chance."
Three-year-old Daisy went along with her, as she almost always does. Indeed, nothing really animates Ryan like talking about