the young turks

In a tense meeting with employees, Cenk Uygur argued that a union doesn’t belong at a small news network struggling to make profits.
The media figure announced last month that he's running to fill the seat in California's 25th Congressional District vacated by Democratic Rep. Katie Hill.
Uygur said he was going to represent "people in a way that they have not seen before."
The move is motivated by Trump "continually, relentlessly damning the press," the veteran newsman said.
A video from 2011 shows the Young Turks Network dismissing Olivia Munn’s sexual misconduct accusations against director Brett Ratner as “classless.”
These channels greatly depend on ad revenue to produce more content.
Despite millions of subscribers and billions of views, Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks still hasn't quite adjusted to life in the public eye. "I'm still in the mindset that I work for this little startup company" she told me during our recent conversation.