She says symptoms for "snowflakeism" include "Bern-ing" and saying "I'm with her."
She'll be working for Great America Alliance, a pro-Trump group funded by dark money.
The former Fox News stalwart will appear with Beck every Friday.
"We could unite our powers for good," Beck told O'Reilly on air.
Not her support for abortion, as she argues in her lawsuit.
"Lay down and play dead really isn't my style," Lahren tweeted on Friday.
The reported ban comes after Lahren called anti-abortion conservatives "hypocrites."
Glenn Beck criticized Lahren on his talk-radio show on Monday morning.
"I think we can all agree a woman of her stature and mind deserves an equally impressive website."
In the face of national tragedy, partisan news outlets often sow discord with predictable cynicism -- getting your viewers