Odalis Lopez is accused of using Rella and Leonard Herman's life savings to go on personal shopping sprees.
"That was so funny. We were like, 'This is wild,'' the reality star said of the incident, which happened years ago.
David Reiter allegedly skimmed money from a Pennsylvania Presbyterian church for years -- while playing an active role in his faith community.
Edward Abernathy was put on administrative leave after he was accused of the theft.
Police in Blackpool, England, were sorry to rule out David Schwimmer as a suspect.
Police are continuing their search for the suspects who made off with Chipper, a 10-week-old Dogue de Bordeaux.
It's not the first time that passengers on board South African Airways have been targeted.
He then placed her in handcuffs for shoplifting and said “this is why there aren’t any grocery stores in the black community.”
It’s estimated that the stolen creepy crawlies are worth up to $50,000.
The FBI still needs help identifying other suspects associated with the theft and extortion surrounding Dorothy’s shoes.
The federal lawsuit is the latest challenge to money bail systems that often jail poor defendants for days or weeks before trial.
French police recovered the merchandise stolen in an armed robbery on Wednesday.
Robbers armed with hatchets smashed hotel windows before making off with the jewelry.
Dollar bills, a bucket of grease and a bullet went flying during the alleged botched robbery.
U.C. Berkeley is investigating the incident, in which an officer tickets the man for operating without a license.