The chain can't use the technology for five years following allegations that it misidentified people, especially minority customers, as potential shoplifters.
The lawsuit follows the indictment of Harvard's former morgue manager on Wednesday for allegedly stealing, cutting up and selling the cadavers' body parts.
A former employee at the Harvard Medical School morgue allegedly sold off parts of donors' cadavers to private buyers.
A major federal case shows exactly what happens after someone steals this valuable car part.
Electronic benefit cards, intended to reduce the stigma of paper food stamps, are now a vulnerability for people barely getting by.
The suspect told the police he intended to use the dead deer as fertilizer in his garden.
Two teens were busted on carjacking charges after failing to figure out the vehicle's manual transmission.
The Winnipeg mayoral candidate had wrapped up a press conference that included a plan to crack down on bike theft just hours earlier.
Riley Williams, a woman who allegedly stole items from the House speaker, will get an eight-hour break from her house arrest.
A gunman shot the pop singer’s dog walker and stole two of her French bulldogs.