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After 91 years, New Yorkers can finally dance in bars.
"Exit from Brooklyn" John Hart Zoho Records # 201606 The final cut on the cd is the Rogers and Hart standard "Where and When
Ilsa: You're saying this only to make me go. Ilsa: You're playing me, why are you playing me? Blaine: You said I was to do
However many more years of music has Jazz Giant Randy Weston in his body, soul, and spirit to birth and nurture, shouldn't he be heading and leading one of the nation's great Jazz institutions where he could share his monumental knowledge, legacy, and experience?
From my earliest recollections, adults, when first meeting me, would invariably ask the question, "Do you know who your father is?" The query came from musicians and fans alike. I didn't really understand the question at first, because the answer seemed so obvious.
Lorraine Gordon is twelve years older than The Village Vanguard, which this past week celebrated its eightieth birthday. Lorraine -- who has owned the Vanguard since her husband, Max Gordon, passed in 1989 -- is, at 93, an inescapably frailer version of what she has always been: indomitable.
One aspect that distinguishes many jazz singers from other vocalists is the tight collaboration between the singer and their instrumentalist colleagues.
As the musical heir to his father's legacy, T.S. has spent decades touring the world as a musician and a music and arts educator
Dianne Reeves oozes earth-deep soulfulness. Everything about her -- from the way she sings to the way she speaks -- is soulful.