theodore wafer trial

Wafer shot McBride through his locked screen door, which was partially removed when police arrived at the crime scene. An
“It’s not about Renisha, it’s about what her actions and other persons’ actions did to make Ted in fear for his life that
Although the killings of Renisha McBride and Trayvon Martin draw many comparisons, each case raises different legal questions. We take a look at the comparisons and their racial implications and what to expect from the pending verdict.
McBride crashed her car shortly after midnight on Nov. 2; eyewitness accounts suggest she appeared confused and may have
A Wayne County Circuit Judge recused Judge Qiana Lillard from Theodore Wafer's trial Friday, citing the involvement of a
Protesters and civil rights activists like the Rev. Al Sharpton have called for justice for McBride, a 2012 graduate of Southfield
"She was 5-foot-4 inches tall, 19 years of age, had no weapon, had nothing in the whole world that could cause him to reasonably