theoretical physics

The new treatise on the existence of parallel universes was published on Friday.
The discovery may usher in a new era of astronomy and answer big questions about black holes.
For the new research, the physicists used two theories of flat space-time to calculate a physical measure known as "entanglement
"This is the intellectual tradition you come from," my mother declared, "all the top quantum physicists used to come to Ann
In a recent paper, Giddings proposes that information may escape black holes in a less explosive fashion, made possible by
Even if the production of quantum black holes is ultimately out of the LHC's reach, "there may be other, subtle effects of
If a rotor is set up to turn each time a particle passes through the tunnel, and every turn of the rotor is recorded, this
"Think about some unstable state," Linde explained. "You are standing on a hill, and you can fall in this direction, you
Scientists speculate that the universe everything we know is just one big projection.
Nevertheless, says Maldacena, the numerical proof that these two seemingly disparate worlds are actually identical gives