Theory of Everything

Yet for all its triumphs in terms of higher mathematics and quantum theory, eternal inflation feels like sleight of hand
Three great unsolved mysteries remain, and they are the same riddles asked by ancient Greek philosophers: What is the universe made of? Where did the universe come from? How do we know what's real?
Among the five nominations announced for the "Theory Of Everything" on Thursday morning came a nod for screenwriter Anthony
Michael Lemonick talks with Ricky about whether or not Stephen Hawking would be famous were if he didn't have ALS.
As a tech historian, I am pleased as punch that Hollywood has finally focused its blockbuster, Oscar-bait attention on British scientists.
As he puts it: "...death is a loss... too long is also a loss." It's a question of which we prefer, a shorter more vibrant life, or a longer one in which we eventually will have to cope with the challenge of a slow decline.
"The Theory of Everything" already has a steady stream of buzz following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival
The bottom part of this illustration shows the scale of the universe versus time. Specific events are shown such as the formation