The disgraced Theranos CEO looks pretty different without her signature turtleneck.
The problems soon pile up for the host of "The Late Late Show."
Steve Jobs favored the Japanese designer, and the disgraced ex-CEO of Theranos is a fan. Here's what you should know about his career.
HBO just released a documentary on the former CEO and alleged fraudster. But for the whole story, dig deep into the books, articles, podcasts and TV episodes about her.
Founder Elizabeth Holmes was indicted on fraud charges earlier this year.
Reporter John Carreyrou details how the Theranos founder almost pulled off the fraud of a generation and why it matters.
Theranos also announced Friday Holmes is no longer CEO of the company.
The biotech company Holmes started was once worth $9 billion.
Welcome to the post-truth era.
Just a year ago, Elizabeth Holmes was being hailed as the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire. Today, her net worth
It's been a rough 13 months for the one-time Silicon Valley darling.
The move impacts workers in Arizona, California, and Pennsylvania.
The resulting loss of time dealing with all these legal challenges cannot be trivialized. The market has already moved on
Nine months after a devastating exposé, things worsen for Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.
Silicon Valley often thinks that it can live by a different set of rules than corporate America because it is developing world-changing innovations and start-ups need the freedom to innovate. Yes, we need to allow entrepreneurs to take risks and break some rules so that they can do their magic. But these rules cannot be ethical ones. The lines on ethics are usually clear as they were with Theranos and there can be no compromise.
Company led by Elizabeth Holmes withdraws all Edison results from 2014 and 2015, issues tens of thousands of corrected blood