So many events in the world feel out of our control right now. Here's how the pros cope.
Because even the mental health experts need a little help sometimes.
Steal these tips from the pros.
Answer: One of my jobs is to help people find their own voice; I have served as a mediator in high-conflict family and community
As a result, people's responses range from fear of bullying, to a dread of a Nazi Germany-style dictatorship, to concerns
Before a session, I may have to finish notes, take a phone call, or handle an emergency and may not have much time to prepare
To truly understand the miracle of seeing all of your children work together, you must first understand the heartbreak of seeing your own child, who was once such a bubbly, joyful baby, so disengaged during a time that is supposed to be magical and exciting.
In psychotherapy, I often work with clients who distort reality somewhere between the two aforementioned extremes. A patient
We may assume that friendship flows like water, but like boulders in a natural spring, friendship can hit tough spots. These