When I think of Virginia Woolf, I think of her commitment to such a process: the duality of the possible and impossible, working to locate patterns of consciousness rather than sequences of events in the external world.
In October of 2012, I wrote about the personal inspiration behind my award-winning short film The Naturalist (which you can
Turns out, people don’t like it when you sleep with their girlfriend. -- Psychology, Duke University It turns out, an only
For busy New Yorkers like John, who refuse to walk more than two blocks for lunch, food trucks that show up right outside the doorstep of their office buildings are as convenient as deliveries minus the tip.
Do these food trucks have different customer bases, media and marketing strategies, and even different food? Is there a correlation between class and food?
Sure, I will probably regret the decision when the Starbucks barista knows me by name, but I know the reward at the end -- clicking that "print" button and watching the printer spits out pages after pages of my written work -- will more than make up for the dark circles under the eyes.
There was once a crosstalk I watched as a kid that went roughly like this - "Which is the biggest nation in the world?" "China." (-- in terms of population) "Wrong, it's the United Nations." My ability to get the joke notwithstanding, for quite some time I had taken for granted the role of the UN as some kind of an omnipotent governor of all nations, working its magic whenever things went wrong among its subordinates.
When I was three years old, my piano teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my response was "a weather girl!"
Absurdist literature allows the reader to contemplate the larger questions of existence and bravely examine areas of humanity that are sure to disturb new readers well into the next millennium.
Take a look at the first images posted of Burritob0t: "The only thing I enjoy more than making cool stuff is making a decent
Writing your thesis is really hard work. It takes months of research, and when you are finally done all you get is a grade
Think no one will ever so much as glance at your thesis? Think again. The website Is My Thesis Hot Or Not lets users enter
As chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee, McDonnell sat at the head of the proceedings, with his Senate counterpart
A haiku distillation can also bring out a sort of beauty. Kathy Coyne at the University of Delaware explained her research