"It was organized fascists who attacked me as a person and as a mayor," Yannis Boutaris said.
The 250 kg (550 lb) bomb was discovered about 5 meters (16 feet) below ground during excavation works at a petrol station last week.
Azores, off Flores Island Greece Ischia, Castelo Aragonese Drama Spain Athos, near Megisti Lavra (actually sunrise) Samothrace
Many things are going on, and many things have to be pushed forward. One of the important projects we are going after during
I have not missed the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival once in the last nine years.
For the last quarter century, which is half of her life, Elpida The Souvlaki Lady has been stationed on 33rd Street at Ditmars Boulevard.
In the year 353/2 B.C. a daughter was born to Alexander the Great's father, King Philip II of Macedon, on the very same day that he won the Battle of Crocus Field over the Phocians in Thessaly, central Greece, with the help of crack Thessalian horsemen.
Almost a century ago, Simeon Ignatidis opened a food store in a small village of Eastern Greece. Simeon's little store became a bigger store, somewhat like his cat, named "Catos", who became the shop's mascot and purred around his legs during those long workdays.
It is worth keeping in mind, though, that after every catastrophic phase, after every setback, both Greece and the NY Jets have managed to survive, recover and, on occasion, prosper. Both Greeks and Gang Green nation are nothing but truly resilient.
It is tragic that a geo-political argument prevents Thessaloniki from being fully integrated with its traditional hinterland. The problem is the rancorous, silly dispute between the Macedonian region of former Yugoslavia and Greece that has dragged on, impeding regional progress for two decades.