A man who stole the urn from a car in Cyprus contacted the family in Sweden, telling them where to find it, the deceased teen's mother said.
Motorcycles are highly sought after by thieves - more than 45,000 are reported stolen each year in the U.S. - but owners can do a lot to prevent their bike from being the one stolen.
The more security devices a bike has, the better. They deter thieves from attempting to steal a bike and improve the chances of a thief failing to nab one they're trying to. This is important to a policyholder with comprehensive motorcycle coverage, which would replace a bike if it is stolen.
The suspect twisted the dead woman's finger to remove the band.
Kleptomaniac kitty Brigit is "obsessed" with menswear, says her owner.
Daisy was filmed digging around in the suspect's bag, just seconds after he'd stashed the cash.
Jeweler David Yurman is likely feeling some payne right about now.  Police allege Doris Payne, an unassuming-looking 84-year
Here's my first problem with Michael Mann's Blackhat: Chris Hemsworth doesn't have the talent to make me believe he's smart enough to be an MIT-educated, world-class computer hacker.
Crab legs from a Publix? How does one even go about stealing those? That’s about the least inconspicuous thing one could