thigh gap

The 20th century's hottest trend for women is making a comeback, and FRANKLY, it never left. Forget the thigh gap. Embrace your XX chromosome combo with an old classic: the wage gap. Because nothing says "womanhood" quite like making 78 cents on the dollar.
I don't have a thigh gap. And in this moment I'm not working toward having one. Stunning. I know. Imagine that. I get it, it's not news that women are held to impossibly high standards when it comes to what our bodies are suppose to look like.
A Reddit user accused the company of doctoring a photo of a toddler in a recent email ad.
Big butts had a moment. Big boobs had a moment. Even big arms had a moment (or are having a moment). What about big thighs?! When are they going to have a moment? Let's start a motion!
Thigh gap is not commonplace, and advertisers should certainly be ashamed of trying to promote these unhealthy images as common practice. But insurance gap is very real.
We as consumers have the power to vote with our dollars. By not patronizing outlets that use potentially dangerous advertising tactics, we can send the message that it's unacceptable.