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For many Costco members, a visit to the popular warehouse store isn't complete without a trip to their food court. Whether it's a gargantuan slice of saggy, cheesy pizza, a somewhat mysterious chicken bake, or an ice cream sundae, the food here always seems to taste amazing after an hours-long jaunt through the Costco gauntlet.
Move over bald eagle, the title of our great nation's official bird was almost bestowed upon the wild turkey. Instead, unfortunately for the turkey, this great fowl became an American tradition in another way -- served up each Thanksgiving on a silver platter.
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Eggs are one of those foods that you either love or hate -- some people gag at the smell of them, and others eat one for breakfast every day, like Abraham Lincoln did (fun fact) -- but you have to admit, eggs are one of the most indispensable foods in existence.
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Beer bath is a thing, and now you know what to ask for Christmas. 🍺
There are few chains that inspire more loving devotion than Waffle House. It seems like everyone who's ever visited one has a special place in his or her heart for this unique chain. But even if you're a loyal devotee, we bet that there are some things you don't know.
For many of us, Domino's Pizza was an essential part of our childhood. From being slightly confused by The Noid to counting down that 30-minute window in which they promised our pizza would be delivered, delivery pizza was synonymous with Domino's.