thinking fast and slow

How candidates say things matters just as much as whether they stuck to the facts.
This centrality of critical thinking is reflected in our educational rhetoric with Presidents, Governors, Secretaries of
Given how much coverage of the Pulse story has centered on what the candidates did and didn't say afterwards, clearly stories about domestic Presidential politics have taken precedence over stories related to the event itself (apart from stories of people dealing with personal tragedies, which have fortunately not been used to fuel partisan arguments - yet).
The world is full of strange behavior. It is natural to theorize this is due to irrational biases. But often apparently strange behavior is the right solution to a complex problem.
Daniel Kahneman is one of the most important thinkers on human decision making. The Princeton psychologist won the Nobel
Daniel Kahneman is a Princeton psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics. In this interview with Laura Rowley, he discusses his book, Thinking Fast and Slow and his life's work.