The recent allegations against a gender queer punk rocker reminds us there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model.
The Thinx controversy is an important reminder of this.
The former CEO of the underwear company was accused of fondling an employee's breasts and fostering a hostile work environment.
Feminism is worth nothing if it’s used as performance, not practice.
Or maybe I'm, like, overthinking it. We're in a moment of ambivalent girliness -- a moment in which we celebrate, say, Hillary
To inspire our sense of wonder, we're asking how might we do more to feel a sense of awe for the natural world? How might
Recently Thinx, a company who puts "period-proof underwear" out in the world, launched a new ad campaign in NYC's Union Square subway station.
Ever since my very first period, I've preferred to use pads over tampons. So when I first started noticing the controversial ads for Thinx plastered all over New York City's subway system, I felt a surge of hope for my tampon-free lifestyle.
Miki Agrawal is on a mission to destroy period stigma, with the help of Cat Greenleaf.
Miki Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder of Thinx talks periods, the history, and the future of female hygiene with Huffpost Rise Host Cat Greenleaf.