third debate

I have written about the total myth of Big Data as some omnipotent source of outcome prediction. I have written about the
Jackie and Dunlap on the third and final presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from Las Vegas, Nevada.
The moderator blamed the stimulus for the slow economic recovery.
She can help silence Donald Trump's claims of a rigged election and bolster democracy's credibility with a decisive debate performance.
Here's how the moderator of Wednesday's third presidential debate might hold the nominees accountable.
From a broadly international perspective, the presidential debates were unfailingly true to form: lofty rhetoric, limited substance, a selective approach to facts and deliberate avoidance of specifics.
Mitt Romney's sudden transformation from a warmonger to a peacenick in the waning days of the Presidential campaign should come as no surprise. It's straight out of the Republican playbook. From Richard Nixon to George W. Bush, Republicans have campaigned for peace and then taken America to war.
The polls seem to be saying that Obama was the moderate winner of the third presidential debate. But, why? Nonverbal hints can give us evidence to why Obama performed slightly better than Romney.
Barack Obama's "horses and bayonets" line was the zing heard 'round the world during his third and final debate against Mitt