third gender

Many believe the move doesn't go far enough.
Incredible India, in all its marvelous contradictions, has surprised us all by hiring its first transgender news anchor, Padmini Prakash.
Fluid understanding of gender can be seen in many cultures around the world. In Native American cultures, people who do not
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Although Supreme Court recognition has brought little immediate benefit to the khawaja saras, it has catalyzed several initiatives
Bangladeshi photographer Shahria Sharmin grew up believing that Hijras -- individuals who were designated male at birth but
"My intention was simply to portray them as the subjects of beauty and grace they so desperately strive to be, as if their
Despite the challenges she faces, Kannamma said she found her status as an independent candidate, without family, had won
India has created a third gender status for transgender citizens.
"Legal documents in the United States only recognize 'male' and 'female' as genders," the petition notes, "leaving anyone