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When Jack White isn't covering Led Zeppelin songs with Robert Plant, blowing up the Internet with guacamole jokes or experimenting
One of rock's freshest faces put an eerie title on her solo debut album that was released two weeks before Halloween. But after hearing her speak softly during a recent chat, Olivia Jean sounds nothing like the mistress of the macabre who's behind Bathtub Love Killings.
(See photos at Brooklyn Vegan Chicago of the Rolling Record Store.) The truck will be parked from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and stocked
Scroll through the slideshow below for a peek at some of the vinyl releases (and re-releases) on sale for Record Store Day
If you don't live in Cleveland, you probably missed Sufjan Stevens' performance at the Beachland Ballroom last month, where
Inviting your 18-year-old son to follow his muse on a road trip -- even though he refuses to let you friend him on Facebook -- is to enter uncharted emotional terrain.
Not many bands would want to release a live recording of their first live performance, but fortunately for White Stripes
The latest package from Third Man Records' "Vault" subscription series features recordings from the White Stripes' first
Third Man Records has embarked on a new project to not only keep vinyl alive, but to introduce it to a new generation of musicians.
In this series, Colbert seeks White's help in recording a sure-to-win-a-Grammy record, which culminates in a performance
Over the course of the next minute or so, Jack White unveils his plan to remedy this injustice, and it takes the form of
Jack White is one of music's busiest men. The dissolution of his long-running band The White Stripes notwithstanding, Jack