third wheel

"If you ever feel like a third wheel, stop. You are not a third wheel. You are a majestic unicycle and they are your noble training wheels."
Whether you've been stuck hanging out with a romantic couple, two inseparable best friends or just two really annoying people
I was not impressed with this city, but I was not here for the city, I was here for her. She was beautiful, a vision, and I wanted to just be with her. My illusion was starting to careen off into a dangerous dream.
Jozen Cummings and Greg Burmeister join Ricky to discuss if their coupled friends help them find mates.
4. No matter what they wear on Halloween, all you need is a bicycle wheel to make a hilarious costume. They do all the work
Behold, the most accurate depiction of the forever alone experience we've ever seen: TOO REAL. H/T 9Gag Keep in touch! Check
You can be the type of third wheel who can't shake the feeling that you cramp your couple friends' style. (And let's face