We took some of Drake's most heartfelt lyrics and juxtaposed them with lines from some famous romantic comedies to see if New Yorkers could tell the difference. The results will surprise you!
Without knowing it, I had increased my body's reliance on aspartame and caffeine -- two foreign chemicals that did nothing to improve my health. As a result, I decided to ignore all of my beverage preferences and drink only water for a week to see how it affected my body.
Reawakening our natural thirst instinct is vital to health, and the process starts with drinking more water and eliminating beverages that don't benefit us.
As she was preparing for the run, I interviewed Mina for my third book, The Gray Rhino: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious
Audrina Patridge supports The Thirst Project, which brings awareness to developing countries' needs for clean water. Find out more at
Stranded on a barren mountaintop, thousands of minority Iraqis are faced with a bleak choice: descend and risk slaughter
Today's meditation features a Sikh prayer by Guru Arjan. The prayer refers to the divine in several metaphors as the holy
There doesn't seem to be any way around the latest inconvenient truth. Sugar kills. We need to drastically decrease consumption.
By contrast, the scans taken while the volunteers continued drinking water after they no longer felt thirsty showed activity
Sky Wash is uniting a community of Georgia businesses and influencers during the week of World Water Day, March 21-28, to raise awareness of the global need for clean water by providing water filters to serve more than 65,000 people.
The next time you're feeling the pressure to have an orgasm, or have more orgasms, or have a certain type of orgasm... remember that life offers you many forms of bliss.
Chan-wook Park's Stoker is audaciously, in-your-face creepy and exhilarating in a way few films have been since David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Because it's not just the creepiness -- but the way Park gets you involved in his world so that you can't look away.
Sunday, October 28 Marine Corps Marathon This is the big one. Hopefully Sandy doesn't get in the way. Tuesday, October 30
TOP 5 FOR THURSDAY, AUGUST 30 The fictional band in the film is called Hangman's Joke. Now you know some "Crow" trivia. Tuesday
5. "When Harry Met Sally" At Crystal Screen The final night of the Crystal City outdoor film series concludes with this heart
While you ponder, pray about, and respond to the critical issue of physical thirst, though, take a moment also to consider your spiritual thirst.
Indian military scientists are studying an 82-year-old who claims he has not had any food or drink for 70 years. Read more
If there's a problem with Thirst, it's that Park tries to do too many things. Though not completely successful, it's still a bold, wildly juicy film that goes for the throat and never relents.
I surprised by the jury's decision, as the film has too limited a subtext to justify all the gore, especially after the first hour, when things get really bloody.
And Mother Earth pays, too. MSN money honey Anthony Mirhaydari sums up the eco-challenge nicely: Life Cycle is a series of